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Coated Glass Washing Machine

This is a professionally designed for Low-E coated glass. The equipment fully reflects the humanization design concept. It meets the customer's demands for the glass deep-process equipment of high efficiency, saving energy ,high stability、safety、pro-environment etc..
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Coated Glass Washing Machine

This machine is professionally designed for low-e coated glass. By structure, The washing machine consists of upper and lower sects. By function, The washing machine consists of conveying system, washing sect (scrub brush system,round brush system, water washing system),air knife Isolated sect, air system, water system, control system. The lifting system is used of leading screw and gear, The lift height of upper sect can be displayed on the panel. The glass thickness can be adjusted by lifting the upper sect.

Process Route

Glass input sect —— Pre washing(1pair) —— Air knives separation (1pair) —— Scrub brushing (3 to 4 pairs) —— Air knife separation(1pair)  —— Brush washing (3 to 4pairs) —— Air knives drying (4 pairs) —— Glass output sect

Main configuration
      PLC control ,man-machine interface operation
      Parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel or import PVC materials.
      Frame can also be stainless steel.
      External cover made of stainless steel.
      Transmission adopts mental gear frequency control of motor speed, it is stable and reliable, low noise and easy maintenance.
      The design of the automatic feed water, with automatic filling water , automatic constant temperature alarm and other function.
      Sensors at the entrance sect and exit sect to detect the glass in and out. There would be an alarm if the glass stays in the machine
       Independent water tank equipped with wheels and handle for easy  maintenance and cleaning.
      Two filters  for  water pump, one stainless filter above water tank to collect cullets.
      Two filters at the air inlet of the acoustic chamber ,air inlet pre-filter and pocket filter , pre-filter accuracy is F5 and pocket filter is F7.
       Fan chamber is made of choi steel. it is more beautiful and sound-absorbing.